Now-a-days technology is being used more and more. With more technology has come peoples tendency to slouch. Having bad posture, not having your computer at eye level and not supporting your elbows and wrists are all detriments to your health. The practice of ergonomics is to ensure that with all the time you spend stationary, you do it right. If you’re sitting at a computer, get up and move every 30-40 minutes. Same goes for doing your homework and sitting on the couch. Movement every half hour or so is good and necessary for your body.


Safety in the Workplace

Once you start working it is very important to know all of you rights and responsibilities. Keeping yourself safe while on the job is not only important, but necessary. Here are a few things to keep in mind:


1)the right to know: you need to know of any hazards around or that deal with whatever job you are doing

2) you also have the right of your voice: it is important to know that if you are not sure about what to do, make sure you ask questions

3) the right to refuse: if you know that performing an action would be unsafe for you or others around you, you are allowed to say “no”.


1) speaking out: it is important that if you notice any type of hazard in your workplace, let someone know. The only way for hazards to be avoided is for them to be known.

2) try and help out: if there is a small hazard such as a food wrapper on the ground, you do not need to get a manager. For simple hazards you are allowed and encouraged to relieve them to help make your workplace safer.

3) follow up: if you have alerted authority to a hazard, make sure to follow up. It is imminent that you go and make sure everything has been reassessed and is now made safe. If you notice the hazard is still there, it is your responsibility to let the Department of Labor and Industries know so they can fully assess the hazard. It is important to note that you CAN NOT be fired for contacting the department.

There are a few things that you employers’ are required to provide as well such as:

  • knowing any and all special regulations
  • providing a safe work environment
  • proper training for all workers
  • identifying any safety hazards
  • providing protective gear when and if needed

Your workplace should be a safe space for you to work hard and enjoy. Make sure you follow all safety procedures, rules and regulations to stay safe.

Copyright/ Fair Use

In relation to copyright, there are 4 factors that have to be considered when determining if a piece of work falls under fair use. In Section 107 of the Copyright Act the four factors include:

  1. the reason behind using a piece of work, meaning what was it used for (for example: was it for educational purposes or commentary)

2. what was the original work in relation to (for example: was the work a song or a painted portrait)

3. how much of the original work was used and if it stayed in the same form (for example: if the song was played for two seconds or in its entirety; if the song was edited)

4. how the copyrighted materials market was affected in relation to its use (for example: making a video talking about how The Starry Night Sky by Van Gogh is the ugliest painting ever, and the price of the painting drops)

Since copyrighted material has an owner, there are guidelines to follow when determining fair use for materials and whether or not a person has surpassed any rules. In the end, it is the judges decision on whether or not fair use was broken.

SWOT Analysis

Strengths: My creativity ensures that I think of everything in detail. When I come up with an idea I think of every outcome to see if my thought would be a good product. I also have my brother to lean on because right now he and I think of any type of useful product that should be made and most likely already isn’t. He is studying business so he’ll explain important concepts to me. Before I graduate high school I’ll have many certifications within the field of web development that will only be added to as I go into college. Related to factors of “getting the sale”, I have a bright smile that usually leaves people with a good impression of me. Also, I think that if I’m passionate about something it will shine through my explanation. It’s not hard to know whether or not someone is passionate about their job.

Weaknesses: My skills could always be improved and built upon. There is no shortage of learning in your career field. Along with skills, I could also hone many other things such as my people skills and making sure my audience understands me. Having the people I’m working for or selling for should always be able t clearly see my accomplishments and goals.

Opportunities: Always using my personal time to further explore my career path and what my accomplishments should be. When I want to explore I usually look into tech like new phones because it’s interesting to see how companies improve their products while also keeping what their customers have expressed that they love.

Threats: My competitors could always have more experience then me. They could always have better connections to get them the higher spot. Age might be threat for me because if I come into the industry at such a young age people might not think I’m experienced enough.

Online Portfolio

The entire world now-a-days is online. If you don’t have Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram or Twitter it’s going to be hard to connect with people. The best way to get yourself out there, especially for business, is to have an online portfolio because they are:

1- vastly viewable: it’s on the sea of the internet making it seeable from every device

2- easy to get a hold of: with your online portfolio being on the internet, it’s not difficult to link it to your Instagram and such to direct potential employers

3- easy and simple on the eyes: you can design your portfolio any way you want to make it more attractive and true to you so your potential employer can get a taste of your personality

4- shows your comfortability with the internet: having your portfolio online can show your level of comfortability with the internet by how detailed and organized your portfolio is

5- attracts employers: knowing whether or not if you have an online portfolio can be a deal breaker for an employer if the company is very internet savvy

In this day and age, having an online portfolio is a must. Employers look for it, want it, and appreciate it. The best way to get the job is to be right where they want you.